My 1st Interim Assignment a Decade Ago, E Ink, Was Just Successfully Sold.

Kindle2My very first interim assignment a decade ago was at E Ink, the maker of Amazon’s Kindle. I am pleased to see the company was successfully sold and will remain in Boston. Congratulations to Russ Wilcox and the great team at E Ink

Here’s what I say about E Ink in my resume:

“Reporting to the CEO, Jim Iuliano in an interim role as General Manager of a 22-person group within a 100-person Atlas Venture funded company that originated out of MIT.  Was charged with determining why divisional revenue targets had not been achieved.  Although I possessed no prior knowledge of the product space (electronic, centrally controlled signage) or the target markets (retailers and consumer package goods companies), within weeks determined that success could not be immediately achieved with the current product in the existing markets.  Created and managed four SWAT teams which rapidly conducted exhaustive research to find a new market opportunity for the Company’s technologies, the Ink-In-Motion line which is still in use today.  Currently, E Ink’s technology is the display in the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader wireless reading devices.  Eink was sold for over $215 million.”


5 Responses to “My 1st Interim Assignment a Decade Ago, E Ink, Was Just Successfully Sold.”

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  2. Jason Evanish Says:


    Having worked at EInk for about a year and heard some of the story of that down time it’s really interesting to hear a bit more about then.

    It’s always great to hear about how companies recover from being on the brink…especially when it’s as cool a technology as E Ink.


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